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ASIMO Robotics is committed to provide next generation education in Robotics. This is based on IoT technologies that combine with Embedded Systems, Electronics, Aeronautics etc, in multi-programming multi-platform environments. This improves the creative and lateral thinking of students.

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Asimo Robotics

ASIMO Robotics – Educational Division has expertise in various fields including, but not limited to, Robotics, Embedded Systems, Automation etc. We have 6D R&D Division (for Advanced Robot and Innovative Product Manufacturing), Automation Division, Embedded Application Division under the name of ASIMO Multitech (P) LTD.

We are known to comply with all industry standards and product parameters throughout the life cycle of the product. We have high level infrastructure and facilities with various training models that give an real-time learning experience enabling you to explore Robotics.


Benchmarked Training standards


(AGES 11 TO 17)

We inspire kids! We feel proud at their success ! We create the next innovators, achievers and scientists!



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Our Specialization

Cutting Edge of Experience and Knowledge

Understanding the Future World

Understanding the needs of the future world, we value innovation rather than tradition, and we apply the same in our work and education system. 


New Trends of Technology

We specialize in training the students in numerous fields with new trends in technology.

Activity Based Teaching Method

We have a team of expert youngsters who are friendly and know the needs of the technology in this hi-tech era who are aware of the best teaching methods.


We are Up-to-Date

We specialize in updating tomorrow’s Education needs.

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Team-2It is a Premier Robotic institute for budding innovators and cutting edge thinkers the world needs with contemporary education as centerpiece, resulting in creative and ambitious thinking.
Mr.Appu (Father of Varun), VFX Artists
Team-1Asimo Robotics is going extra mailes for Kids Robotics Education, Expecting more..
Ravi Chandran(Father of Kavitha), Infosys System Engg